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The Royal Fountain Way

1.Always show respect for water
2.Respect for your friends
3.NEVER Call the Club Stupid
ATTENTION MEMBERS ONLY: For all the Club Information Check Out the Members Page
If you are a Club Member Check Out the Club Members Link! There you will find all the Club Information. It is important that you go there or else you might miss out on impotant updates!!!
-Queen Rapids
Want to Join?
If you would like to join The Royal Water Fountain Club you can check out the Contact Page of the site. E-Mail Gabby for a application and bring it to school.The Club Counsel will approve or disaprove of it! REMEBER: Sorry boys,but you can not join the club. We are the DAUGHTERS of the Waters!!!
-By Princess Flow

Club Facts
The Royal Water Fountain Club's first project is to write in our notebook. It is to establish diversity. It is also to understand what other people think of other classes.-Princess Flow
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What is this Club ALL ABOUT?
If you're interested in learning more about The Royal Water Fountain Club. Check out the About part of this site!!!

Look Below!!! If YOU are the 50th or 100th person on this site & BE HONEST!!! YOU WILL WIN A PRIZE!!! But if more than one person claims to be the 50th or 100th then the Contest will be canceled!! Click on this Link to Clainm Your Prize if you are A WINNER!!!

This Site Isn't ONLY For Club Information
This Site is also for our friends, family, and classmates. What parts of the site can you see? Well i'm glad you asked!!! Or Favorite Links part of the Site has a number of great sites that keeps you intrested when surfing the net. They have all been Rated for your convience! ALSO check out the "What We Have To Say!" part of the site. It is a lot of fu to read. ALL of our thoughts go on that site. NOT ALL OF THEM, just the ones we want you to read!!! Also you can see the Club Symbols & YOU HAVE TO SIGN THE GUEST BOOK!!!!!! You can also check out the About Page!-Queen Rapids