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We are very friendly group of girls and would love to have you in our club unless you break any of the rules. We do not want any quiters! We want winners!! We can get WILD sometimes, but we want to keep organized and last for a llooonnngggg time!!! We are all 7th Graders. There are over 12 of us right now. We are all a BLAST to be around.

The Story Behind Our Site
The Royal Water Fountain Club decided we should have a web site. The idea was thought up by Queen Rapids. The Club was unanimous!! They all thought the idea was GGRREEAATT!!! P.Flow and Q.Rapids voluntered to be the site editors & our site was on its way!!

What Does Our Club Do...
Our Club ALL started in the Gym Hallway of our School. Queen Rapids established the Club and started initiating Members. Princess H20, Princess Spring, and Princess Waterfalls(Vice-Queen). We started just fooling around,but Q. Rapids had a brighter future for the club. AND all members can tell you now "THIS CLUB IS SO COOL!" we do different projects in which you earn seals/sticker badges. We have one project right now in the making & another one being looked into. The more successful this club becomes the more it will have. Did I Mention We LOVE Water.... Ok so all of us agree it isn't the best beverage (IF YOU DO THINK IT IS, THATS REALLY COOL!!!),but we rely on the stuff to keep our lives running. AND we love spending time in the pool!