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Princess Flow and Queen Rapids Successfully Make Site!!!
Princess Flow generously took her time and found a great location for the Club Site! Thank you so much! She contributed by writing a number of things on the site and adding pictures. Queen Rapids contributed HTML to give the site a special touch! They have worked hard and all members may turn articles, short stories, and art for the "What We Have to Say!" part of the site. Also tell site editors ALL you favorite sites so they can add them to the list.
  Bake Sale & Ocean Breeze Field Trip
Queen Rapids had a response from the Ocean Breeze Coordinator! The Coordinator mentioned the cost of a group. A Group is twenty people. The Goal for our Bake Sale/Yard Sale is ! I know thats a lot of bucks, but it isn't possible. ALL MEMBERS GATHER TOGETHER ALL YOUR OLD CLOTHES AND OTHER ITEMS!(ex:toys,books...) We will tell you when the Bake Sale/Yard Sale is when final arrangements are made. We will also make the Sign Up Sheets for Bake Sale Items also when the final arrangements are made. Thank You!

Have you Participated In The FIRST Club Project?
Well you should do so soon before you lose your first chance to earn a seal. The members who have already participated are: Princess Waterfalls, Princess Spring, Princess H20, and Princess Flow. check with Queen Rapids to check-out the Club Notebook for the day as a journal. The Seals will be distributed throughout the next two weeks!

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Our Club's Name In Different Languages by Q.Rapids
Water(In 6 different Languages)

~All French Nouns have genders! NO WONDER WATER IS A GIRL Its so GREAT!*~

Royal Water Fountain Club(In 6 different Languages)
German=Königlicher Wasser Quelle Klub
French=Le Club royal de Fontaine d'Eau
Spanish=El Club real de la Fuente del Agua
Italian=Il Club di Fontana di Acqua reale
Dutch=Koninklijke Water Fontein Club
Portuguese=Clube real de Fonte de água

List of Members
Club Counsel
1.Queen Rapids-Web Editor-Coordinator-Gabby
2.Princess Waterfalls-Vice Queen-Lizzi
3.Princess Flow-Secretary-Web Editor-Fitz
4.Princess H20-Treasurer-Art Duo/Assitant-Allison
5.Princess Spring-Art Duo/Lead Artist-Aileen
Other Members...just as important!!!
6.Mistress Brook-Kristin
7.Mistress Wave-Edwina
8.Mistress Splash-Emily
9. Mistress Brita-Chloe
10.Mistress Dasani-Jessica (Planque)