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A Generous Sponsor
*Names have been changed for safety*

Lindsey is generously putting time in and working on embroidering and painting the club flag!!! How awesome is that!!! REALLY awesome we have thanked her by putting her poetry on the site!! ENJOY! She is REALLY talented!!! Oh and if you would like your poetry just give me an e-mail at the e-mail on the Contact Page!!! Thankerz

Princess Flow has to say...

I'm trapped in empty, blank spaces,
Thinking of familiar faces,
Thinking that no one would care.
"Oh no," I think,
"nobody WOULD care. No, not at all!"
But maybe they do care...
Not aware of my surroundings,
just blank--emotionless.

-A Striving Young Girl

Drained Down by the Rain

Why can't I cry with the rain?
Why do I feel so upset?
An injured heart,
Hurt by a spear,
Soaked by the rain,
Wet with my tears.
Don't remind me of the
sad times past,
the memories begone.

- A Depressed Child